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About us - how we work

Free Estimates

First estimates are usually free unless we have to travel a long distance and/or if congestion or other expenses would apply.

How We Work

In the first instance we usually visit your home/site and measure up and discuss the job with you. Then we go away and prepare an estimate which is then posted, sent by email or faxed to you.
If you then favour us with an order,once it is accepted we then would make up your order to the measured sizes and install the items at a mutally agreed convenient time.

Who do we work for

We work direct for members of the public if they have some idea of what they want, or through interior designers and architects who generally can do a far wider range of services like eg knocking down walls to change a living space. This would be outside the scope of this trade.

Where do we work?

Mostly in and around London although we have worked in most areas in the UK.
We have also worked in Paris, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Jeddah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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